OTTAWA -- The new work week begins with 12 trains running on the Confederation Line.

OC Transpo reports Rideau Transit Maintenance has provided 12 trains, one short of the required 13 trains running during the peak period.

Twelve trains were also available for the afternoon commute. OC Transpo predicted service every four to five minutes. Supplementary buses continue to run alongside the line, and from downtown to the main transfer stations.

In a memo to Councillors Sunday evening, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said the “R1” and “S1” supplementary bus services will continue to run.

R1 service

OC Transpo says R1 buses will run parallel to the Confederation Line and will serve the marked bus stops at most stations.

S1 service

The supplementary service will run from downtown directly to Blair, Hurdman and Tunney’s Pasture stations.

OC Transpo launched the R1 and S1 service last week after a series of issues reduced train capacity along the Confederation Line. At one point on Thursday, only six trains were running from Blair to Tunney’s Pasture.