Thinking about taking a holiday? You can now spend a night in a 19th century church in downtown Kingston.

The Smith Hotel, a 10-bedroom luxury hotel, is inside is a church that was built in 1864.

“We wanted to create a space where people felt like they were at home but a sort of elevated space,” said designer Tara Magee, of the look of the hotel.

Each of the 10 rooms has 17-foot ceilings and a kitchen, complete with a fridge. A walk upstairs will take you to your sleeping sanctum, the bedroom in a loft. The limestone from the outside walls was brought inside to showcase the heritage of the building.

“In true Kingston style, we have the limestone which is featured here all over the place,” says Magee.

The 158-year-old building’s main area has been turned into a co-work space called ‘The Sanctuary.’ Those who stay at the hotel are allowed access. Inside, you’ll find many of the original features of the church.

“There’s also the stained glass (that’s original), although some of the originals were replaced because the church took it. We kept as much of the original that we could,” she explains. “We also have the architectural details, and some of the light fixtures are original as well.”

Building in a church more than a century old isn’t without it’s challenges, and the ten rooms are located in what used to be the basement.

Magee says the goal was to bring a bright, open feel to the space.

“This space is suitable for short-term stays, and long-term stays,” she explains.

The BPE Group of Companies acquired the former church in 2012, two years after it was decommissioned.

An average stay can cost more than $400 a night, but within its gothic-style tower and stone walls, the question is, could any other visitors also be lurking inside?

“I haven’t heard of any ghosts,” assures Magee. “No complaints yet from anyone.”

So knowing you won’t have to pray to be the only occupant in a room at night, the hotel is now open and at your service.