Mother Nature delivered on warm weather in Ottawa on Sunday as temperatures climbed to 23 degrees.

It was the perfect temperature for the city’s water bugs who headed out to Bate Island for some kayaking, surfing and stand up paddle boarding on the Ottawa River.  

“People are just excited to get out because they’ve been hanging out all winter looking at their kayak in the garage and you know just getting out in the spring is pretty great,” said Mike McKay, a local kayaker.

As the water community rejoiced at the site of melting snow - the winter lovers said goodbye to snow sports in a big way at Camp Fortune.

Snowboarders and skiers were able to do several runs, some in shorts and t-shirts, with the sun shining down on them. At the bottom of the hill there was a backyard style BBQ waiting with a live band.

“It’s a way of saying ok we’ll see you next winter, but it’s a nice way to finish off the season,” said Vishnu Nair, a snowboarder.

Co-owner at Camp Fortune, Peter Sudermann, hinted there could be one more weekend for snow sports.

“Those who didn’t make it out today well, next weekend, that’s a different story,” said Sudermann.

The melting snow means goodbye for now to winter activities.

According to McKay it is also a boost for water sports.

“There is a lot of snow up north and this warmer weather is going to start melting it and give us another surge in the river levels so that we can get high water conditions for surfing right now, we can extend that another week or two,” said McKay.

Environment Canada forecast Sunday’s low at 3 degrees. The rest of the week is expected to remain in the double digits.