OTTAWA -- Ottawa Police issued four tickets for school bus infractions in school zones during the second week of the school year, including one ticket to a school bus driver for speeding.

During the second week of a back to school road safety enforcement blitz, police issued 126 speeding tickets and ten tickets for failing to stop at a stop sign.

On Friday morning, police say a school bus driver was stopped for speeding 19 kilometres an hour over the speed limit near Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard.

Police have been targeting school zones during the first two weeks of the school year to remind drivers about the rules of the road.

On Tuesday, a 20-year G2 driver was charged with stunt driving after police said he was stopped going 92 kilometres an hour in a 40 kilometre an hour zone near an Orleans elementary school.

Ottawa Police issued nearly 130 tickets in school zones last week, including 91 for speeding.