Local superheroes did something pretty heroic today.  

70 people rappelled down the 20 storey Morguard building in support of kids with physical disabilities.

Participants raised a minimum of $1,500 in donations, received professional training, picked out their best superhero costume and challenged themselves alongside highly trained experts.

It is part the sixth annual Easter Seals Drop Zone Ottawa presented by Morguard.

Caroline Leveille wore a superwoman costume as she rappelled down the building with a wheelchair.

Leveille has been unable to walk for four years now because of health issues.

“I have to deal with what’s left that life has given me so I make the most out of it,” she said.

She is not alone.

Kyle Humphrey and Mike Trauner also rappelled down the building in their wheelchairs.

Trauner, involved with the military, said rappelling is different since his injury.

“I have to rely on my arm strength to be able to guide me... where as regular day people have to use your legs and your hands will guide you,” said Trauner.

Ottawa is one of fourteen cities hosting Drop Zone events across Canada.

Since 2005, nearly 6,500 individuals have participated in Drop Zone events throughout the country, raising over $10 million for kids with physical disabilities.