Despite glitches, delays and cost overruns, there's a rush to get a free Presto card in Ottawa.

In a memo released to Ottawa City Council late Friday, OC Transpo boss John Manconi says demand for the free Presto transit cards exceeded expectations.

"Our plan had contemplated distributing the 10,000 cards over a 15 day period.  This projection was surpassed beyond anyone’s expectations and we fully anticipate to exceed this number today", Manconi said.

There were long line-ups Friday at OC Transpo Sales offices and at transit stations where cards were being handed out.

OC Transpo passenger Adam Caldwell likes the convenience of the card.

"It's a little disappointing there were so many bugs trying to get it setup. Obviously, it's a big waste of money to have so many problems with the initial contract but I think it's a great idea. I'm really looking forward to getting one," stated Caldwell

OC Transpo says one thousand cards will be handed out at Baseline station on Tuesday, January 22 starting at 7 am.

Another one thousand cards will be available at the Fallowfield Station on Thursday January 24 starting at 7 am.