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Prescott, Ont. to install 35 surveillance cameras to stop crime


The Town of Prescott is installing 35 new surveillance cameras at several different intersections in an effort to prevent theft and violent crimes.

The town says crime rates are higher than average compared to past years and sees surveillance cameras as the solution. In a meeting this week, town councillors discussed how other townships in Ontario have used similar technology and are satisfied with the results.

 "I’m okay with it,” said resident Shailyn Cummings. "If it’s going to make the city safer, and allow for more growth and younger families to want to move because it feels safer. I personally have a two month old and I want things to be safe for her to grow up in."

Cummings used to work in retail and says shoplifting is an issue in the area. Theft is one of the crimes the Prescott town council is trying to stop with this initiative.

Mary Robinson is another resident who feels like the cameras will help the community.

"I have nothing to hide. I think as time goes by, we’re becoming more and more accustomed to that kind of intrusiveness, to our behaviours, so a lot of people will just simply take it for granted," she said.

Prescott is spending $50,000 to install CCTV cameras, with half being covered by the provincial government through an initiative with the Ontario Provincial Police.

There are four individual cameras in each unit, allowing them to only be installed on one post as opposed to all four.

Here are the intersections where the new surveillance cameras will be located:

  • King St. at Edward St.
  • Edward St. at Victor Rd.
  • Water St. at Edward St.
  • Churchill Rd. at Boundary St.
  • Henry St. at George St.
  • King St at Centre St.
  • Edward St. at Park St.
  • King St. at Russell St. Top Stories

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