An Ottawa woman says she’s lucky to be alive tonight after being struck by an OC Transpo bus in the south end of the city. Eye witness video capturing the moments after the horrifying crash showed the woman being assisted while she screamed for help.

“It was the most painful thing ever. I tried to grab my foot, people started surrounding me, they wrapped something around my leg to stop me from bleeding. When I touched my foot I could just feel my skin wasn't there.”

26-year old Leila Giama says she was crossing the street after stepping off the bus at the intersection of Paul Anka and Uplands Drive when the bus made a sudden right turn and pinned her underneath.

From her Ottawa Civic Hospital bed, Giama spoke on the phone with CTV News, remembering what led to the crash, saying the bus driver did not see her as she crossed the road.

“He for some reason did not wait and did not see me crossing the street, so he made a right turn and ran over me.” said Giama, the bus driver then told her “I didn't see you, I didn't see you!”


Ottawa Police confirm they’re investigating and in a statement, OC Transpo said:  

“We can confirm that an incident involving contact between a pedestrian and a bus occurred last evening. An investigation is underway. For further information, please contact Ottawa Police Services.” according to Transit Operations Director Troy Charter.

Leila's sister, Yasmin Giama, ran to the scene moments after it happened; steps from their home.

“I heard from a friend that someone got hit by a bus...And I was like ‘whoa right in front of our building, that's crazy’ and then I just got a call and it was my sister.” said Yasmin Giama.

Leila and her family say they’re shocked they haven't heard anything from OC Transpo; hoping the driver is held accountable.

“Your bus driver ran over a person on the bus...And you still haven’t even contacted me to see if I’m okay.” said Giama.

Bus riders in the area say they’re not surprised to hear of the crash.

“Some of us are getting off the bus and the bus wants to turn the corner, even though we're starting to cross so we have to step back.” said Caroline Taylor.

Giama knows she’s fortunate she wasn’t seriously injured, “I could've been paralyzed or worse, I could've been dead.”