An alleged Ottawa drug dealer accused of drugging and raping 15 women testified in his own defence in court on Thursday.

Phillip Wilson, 33, is charged with administering a noxious drug and sexually assaulting 14 different women. He is also charged with aggravated assault and sexual assault against his former partner, who cannot be named, spanning from 2014 to 2015.

Prior to questioning Wilson, his defence lawyer Trevor Brown told the court his client was prepared to respond to each complainant, and explain why he believed they were consenting.

Adding that his client recognized that in some cases, he overstepped boundaries about what consent is, but would tell the court how he never provided the women with drugs to commit sexual assault.

In a calm and steady voice Wilson began by describing one of the alleged sexual assaults from March 11, 2015.

He was asked by the defence how he arrived at the alleged victim’s apartment.

“She said suggestively ‘let’s go back to my place,’” Wilson testified. “It made me believe she wanted to have fun at her place.”

Wilson then told the court the pair had stopped at his apartment to pick up two bags of cocaine, which held roughly one to two grams inside, and one vile of GHB, known as the date rape drug. The vile was said to contain 8mm of liquid inside.

Wilson said he asked the woman if she wanted to take GHB – telling the court how he described GHB to the woman.

“I said it was similar to ecstasy, that it would make her feel more drunk… that it kind of relaxes you,” he said.

Wilson testified that he offered the woman a small portion of the drug and consumed the rest himself.

The woman tells a different story version of events.

The alleged victim testified that she invited Wilson over for food, and that on the walk to her apartment he threw his arm around her, and put something ‘cold and glass to her lips’.

The following day she reported the sexual assault to police.

In total Wilson is facing 45 charges.

 On the stand he also spoke of another separate charge for assault against his girlfriend, denying it on the stand, and said on the night in question she had fallen and hit her head on the dresser.

The trial is ongoing.