OTTAWA -- You will need to be fully vaccinated to visit patients at the Ottawa Hospital.

The hospital has announced that starting Monday, it will require proof of vaccination for visitors entering the hospital.

"This is to ensure the safety of everyone in the hospital,” a statement said.

The hospital says the vaccination requirement is only for visitors, not patients visiting the hospital for appointments or medical care.

People accompanying someone to the hospital for a medical appointment will need to be fully vaccinated, but there will be exceptions for some circumstances. 

The Ottawa Hospital announced in August that all staff must be fully vaccinated to work at Ottawa's largest hospital.

All staff must have received their first dose by Sept. 7, and their second by Oct. 15.

The hospital said it would ensure that all staff who have not yet been vaccinated receive education and consultation on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines to ensure they are fully informed. Those who have not yet been vaccinated during this transition period would be tested for COVID-19.

"After October 15, TOH will examine the vaccination rate of our staff and determine whether further measures are required to ensure the safety of our health-care environment," the hospital said.


The Montfort Hospital is now asking visitors and people accompanying patients to an appointment at the east end hospital their vaccination status.

Beginning Oct. 6, visitors will need to show that they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days ago.

Exceptions may be made for family caregivers and for compassionate reasons.

The Montfort Hospital says people coming to the hospital to receive care or services will not have their vaccination status checked.


The Ottawa Hospital is the second Ottawa hospital to implement a mandatory vaccination policy for visitors.

As of Sept. 22, CHEO is requiring all visitors to be fully vaccinated to enter the facility. All CHEO entrance screens include a question about vaccination status.

"Parents/caregivers are asked to be vaccinated to protect those they interact with while at CHEO," said the children's hospital on its website.

"Those who are currently unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will still be permitted to come to CHEO. As important members of our care team, we will never create a barrier for parents/caregivers to accompany their child to CHEO."

CHEO says unvaccinated visitors will be escorted to your child/youth's bedside and you will not be allowed in common spaces such as the cafeteria, coffee shop or pharmacy.