OTTAWA -- Ottawa Bylaw received two calls about customers failing to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and refusing to leave a business on the first day of the new vaccination passport.

Residents 12 and older must now provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to dine-in at restaurants, and attend bars, gyms, movie theatres, concerts and sporting events in Ottawa and across Ontario.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, Bylaw Services says it has received two calls about customers refusing to follow the rules.

"Since the implementation of the provincial regulations related to vaccine passports on September 22, BLRS received two requests for service pertaining to customers not showing their proof of vaccination and refusing to leave the business," said Roger Chapman, Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services Director.

"In both instances, the business owner was referred to police for enforcement under the Trespass to Property Act."

Under Ontario's proof of vaccination program, Businesses will be asking patrons for a paper or digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination receipt and a piece of government-issued ID.

Speaking at the Mayor's Breakfast at Ottawa City Hall, Mayor Jim Watson urged people to respect the rules.

"We know the implementation of vaccine passports may be tough for some small businesses, this is the best way forward to avoid more lockdowns, which is the last thing we want," said Watson.

Watson urged any businesses facing unruly customers to call 311 and report it to Ottawa Bylaw.

"We understand this continues to be a difficult time for everyone and ask that patrons support businesses in following the regulation, in consideration of the hardship they have faced during the pandemic and to prevent further lockdowns," said Chapman.

Ottawa Police told CTV News Ottawa it hadn't received any calls about customers not following the rules.

"If a patron refuses to provide his vaccine passport as requested and enters a business, the City of Ottawa Bylaw Services should be contacted first as they are the first avenue to pursue," said Ottawa police.

"Whereas if the patron still refuses to leave the store, then Ottawa Police can be called upon to enforce the Ontario Trespass to Property Act."