The Ontario government wants you to know what your restaurant meal will cost calories.

The province will introduce new legislation this winter requiring large chain restaurants to put nutrition information on menus

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is a long-time advocate of the initiative. He says consumers don’t know how many calories are in restaurant food. He compares the Starbucks banana walnut bread and the Burger King double stacker hamburger. “When this new law is enacted consumers might notice 'holy crap' this banana loaf has exactly the same number of calories as this BK double stacker, “ says Dr Freedhoff, of Bariatric Medical Institute.

The Ontario government wants chain restaurants to list calories on menus and menu boards. Right now, you can go online to find nutrition information

“I don't think there's any question that people’s choices will be impacted by the inclusion of calories on the menu board.” says Deb Matthews, the Ontario minister of Health and Long-term care. “ This change will influence behavior”

This is one of the intitiatives that came out of the Healthy Kids panel.