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NCC supports Gatineau's STO Tram running street-level on Wellington Street in Ottawa

Gatineau STO Train Gatineau STO Train

The National Capital Commission is jumping onboard the idea of running Gatineau's STO Tram along Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill.

In a statement Friday morning, the NCC announced its recommending a street-level system running along Wellington Street, instead of a new tunnel under Sparks Street.

"Given the many projects currently under way in Canada’s Capital Region, the proposed interprovincial tram system via Wellington Street offers a unique opportunity to enhance the natural and cultural character of Canada’s Capital for generations to come while contributing greatly to the municipal transit networks of both Ottawa and Gatineau," said Tobi Nussbaum, NCC CEO.

The STO is exploring two options for running its future Trams into downtown Ottawa: A street-level system along Wellington Street or through a new tunnel under Sparks Street. Under both options, STO Trams would cross into Ottawa along the Portage Bridge.

A slide showing the proposed tracks of a future STO tram system in Ottawa, using either Wellington Street aboveground or a tunnel under Sparks Street. (City of Gatineau et al./WSP consulting)

According to the STO, the surface integration along Wellington Street would include three stations.

A survey last summer found 60 per cent of Ottawa-Gatineau residents supported building the STO tramway tunnel under Sparks Street.

City of Ottawa staff also support running the STO Tram in a tunnel under Sparks Street, saying it would be more convenient for transit users, offer connections to the O-Train and minimize traffic impacts.

The federal government's 2021 budget directed the NCC to create an interprovincial transit project office to study and plan for potential interprovincial tramway connections between Ottawa and Gatineau.

The NCC says the next steps for the STO Tramway study include further engagement with partners and studies to assess traffic, transit and other key considerations. Top Stories

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