The City of Ottawa is confirming an LRT train derailed at the Belfast Yard Friday morning.

The Director of Operations for OC Transpo, Troy Charter, says it happened during ‘launch activities’ around 5.a.m.

Charter says the train in question has 10 wheel sets and that one came off the track – calling this a minor setback.

OC Transpo Is now conducting a full review.

 “We don’t take any occurrence lightly, we take them all very very seriously,” Charter said. “When this occurred we seized launching other trains on the track.”   

The train has been put back on the tracks now. 

Testing of the Confederation Line trains is ongoing. There is no hard date for when the Confederation Line will be ready. The latest estimated date for when the Rideau Transit Group will be ready to hand the system over to the City is on or before June 30.