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Here's where 32 new photo radar cameras will be installed in Ottawa over the next 14 months

A photo radar camera in Ottawa. (Tyler Fleming/CTV News Ottawa) A photo radar camera in Ottawa. (Tyler Fleming/CTV News Ottawa)

Thirty-two new photo radar cameras will be set up on Ottawa roads over the next 14 months, including at several "high speed locations" on Hunt Club Road, Walkley Road, Riverside Drive and Bronson Avenue.

The city of Ottawa continues to expand the automated speed enforcement program in school zones and community safety zones across the city of Ottawa. There are currently 28 photo radar cameras in use.

A report for the Transportation Committee meeting on November 16 outlines plans to install 12 more photo radar cameras in Ottawa before the end of the year, and another 20 automated speed enforcement cameras in 2024. By the end of 2024, there will be 60 photo radar cameras at locations across Ottawa,

Photo radar cameras issued a total of 63,440 tickets in the first six months of the year. The busiest automated speed enforcement camera location in the January to July period was on Fisher Avenue, between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private, with 11,072 tickets issued.

Here is a look at the locations for the automated speed location cameras over the next 14 months.


The city of Ottawa says construction is planned to install the ASE at the following locations before the end of the year.

  • Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard North from Paddler Way/Vorlage Drive to Orleans Boulevard.
  • Hunt Club Road from Lorry Greenberg Drive to Pike Street
  • Walkley Road, between Harding Road and Halifax Drive
  • Montreal Road from Ogilvie Road and Foxborough Private/Bethamy Lane
  • King Edward Avenue from Cathcart Street to St. Patrick Street
  • Riverside Drive between Mooney's Bay and Ridgewood Avenue
  • Bronson Avenue from University Drive/Sunnyside Avenue to Brewer Way
  • Heron Road from Finn Court to Baycrest Drive
  • Spratt Road between Canyon Walk Drive and Shoreline Drive
  • Kelly Farm Drive between Shepody Circle and Findlay Creek Drive
  • Stonehaven Drive between Bridle Park Drive and Tandalee Crescent
  • Berrigan Drive from Croxley Way to Claridge Drive


City staff say automated speed enforcement cameras will be installed at the following locations in 2024.

  • Gardenway Drive at Saturn Crescent
  • Terry Fox Drive between Richardson Side Road and Old Second Line Road
  • Stittsville Main Street from Hobin Street to Beverly Street
  • Old Richmond Road from Tanglewood Drive to Kimberly Road
  • Knoxdale Road from Skipton Road to Cremona Crescent
  • Merivale Road from MacFarlane Road to Brookdale Avenue
  • Crichton Street from Vaughan Street to St. Patrick Street
  • Queen Mary Street from Quill Street to Edith Avenue
  • Prince of Wales Drive between Normandy Crescent and Falaise Road
  • Colonial Road from Delson Drive to Frank Kenny Road
  • Ottawa Street from Colonel Murray Street and Cockburn Street
  • Castlefrank Road from Kakulu Road and Hungerford Gate

The city of Ottawa says eight locations are proposed for the following locations in 2024, pending Hydro Ottawa's review of the site to confirm on-site power requirements.

  • Longfields Drive from Strandherd Drive to Marketplace Avenue
  • Cassidy Road at Bruin Road
  • Ogilvie Road between Kender Avenue to La Verendrye Drive
  • Kitchener Avenue from Cochrane Street to Jasper Avenue
  • Main Street from Evelyn Avenue to Springhurst Avenue
  • Walkley Road from Colliston Crescent to Colliston Crescent
  • Osgoode Main Street from Elizabeth Street to Vance Street
  • Stoneway Drive between Forest Gate Way to Mountain Ash Drive Top Stories

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