A new yoga trend that has been getting a lot of attention in the United States has arrived in the capital region. Starting Sunday, Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Kemptville will host its first Goat Yoga class.

“Goat Yoga is exactly what it sounds like,” said organizer, Debbie Purkiss. “It is yoga but we have goats interacting with people who are doing it.”

 The goats are brought into a pen where yogis are set up. They roam freely during a regular yoga class, and are known to lay with participants, lick them, or even walk over them.

Goat Yoga became popular in the U.S. a few years ago. Purkiss said she decided to try out a class at the ranch to raise money for the animals at the sanctuary.

“It sold out in 24 hours - so we added another class. It sold out in another 24 hours, and before we knew it we had 8 classes, and we are solid booked.”

The founder of Big Sky Ranch, Andy Parent, said the purpose of the sanctuary is to rehabilitate abused animals, as well as house unwanted ones. It relies on donations, which have dropped in recent years.

“Donations are down right now 25 per cent. It’s been pretty tough this year so we urge people to donate and help us anyway they can,” Parent added.

The classes are offered at around $35 dollars. Parent said they are a big help, and that the money raised will go towards feeding and taking care of the animals.

This season of Goat Yoga is full. Organizers said they will look into adding classes during the Fall, as well as Summer 2018.