It’s basically a sporting competition and massive family reunion all at once, as the small town of Maxville welcomes the Glengarry Highland Games this weekend.

Tens of thousands of people make the trip to the community about an hour east of Ottawa, many of Scottish heritage and some who have been around since the beginning.

"I've been here since the beginning in 1948,” said Connie Blaney, the event’s past president.

"I bought these seats years ago and I've kept them,” said 89-year-old Ida Cowan, referring to 18 front-row seats.

“My grandmother was old and my mother was old and I don't know what happened and now I'm old . . . I would never give them up, they’re gold.”

These Games were opened by RCMP commissioner Robert Paulson and featured sports like the hammer toss and traditional dancing.

They opened on Friday and finish up Saturday.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Stefan Keyes