OTTAWA -- Family members of residents at Ottawa’s Carlingview Manor long-term care home are concerned about staffing levels, as the facility deals with the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Ottawa.

The company that runs the home on Carling Avenue now says 131 residents have tested positive for COVID-19, alongside 55 staff members.

Earlier this week, Revera said there were 119 residents and 48 staff who had tested positive, following a mass swabbing at the home. Revera also said 11 residents had died because of COVID-19.

In their latest media update on Tuesday, Revera added 12 more residents and 7 staff to the numbers of infected residents and workers, and said a twelfth person had died.

The update, attributed to Revera's chief medical officer Dr. Rhonda Collins, repeated the message that Revera is doing everything it can to keep residents and staff safe through use of personal protective equipment, isolating residents and staff who have tested positive, and frequently cleaning high-touch areas.

Residents who have not tested positive continue to have meals in dining rooms. Revera says they are maximizing physical distancing during meal times. Isolated residents are served meals in their rooms. Group activities have been cancelled and replaced with one-on-one activities.

“According to my brother it’s chaos,” said Sharron Lawson, whose brother is a resident at Carlingview. “The nurses are all stressed, when I talked to them they asked me to pray for them.”

Lawson said she wanted to take her brother out of the home to live with her but was told it was not recommended.

She says she’s frustrated by the lack of communication from the company that runs the home, Revera.

“I actually told him he tested negative for it [COVID-19] yesterday because he didn’t even know,” Lawson said. “They’re not even contacting the families, I had to phone far as I’m concerned right now, Revera is not doing a good job. They may be short staffed but they should be putting out a call to get volunteers to help in there.”

In a statement posted on Tuesday, Revera said it was “reaching out to families of residents as often as possible to provide updates on their loved ones during this time of physical isolation,” adding the home was receiving “enhanced cleaning.”

“He hasn’t seen anyone going in there, wiping down the elevators,” Lawson said. “They don’t have the staff in there there’s so many of them sick with it.”

Although a team made up of hospital workers has been sent to the home to help, Lawson wants to see more volunteers and the military called in. 

A number of personal support workers have reached out to CTV News Ottawa wanting to share their stories but are worried about possible repercussions from their employer. They said with so many people off sick, their workload has increased dramatically and they’re limited to one N95 mask per shift. 

In a statement, Revera said “staff at Carlingview Manor have adequate supplies of PPE to care for residents while always using the appropriate level of protection, including N95 masks.”

It went on to thank the employees on the front lines. 

“We are very proud of the tireless, fearless work our front line care providers are doing to protect our residents, themselves and their colleagues from this unprecedented pandemic.”

Carlingview Manor has the largest outbreak of COVID-19 in Ottawa, with 186 total cases, according to the home's management. Ottawa Public Health's daily reports, which are based on data from Ontario's integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) doesn't match Revera's reporting, but the province admits data from iPHIS can sometimes be delayed.

Ottawa Public Health's latest outbreak report shows there have been at least 455 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa's long-term care homes. At least 52 people in care homes have died from COVID-19, which accounts for roughly 73 per cent of all of Ottawa's confirmed COVID-19 deaths to date.