One Ottawa councillor is tackling opposition to the green bin by saying maggots aren't such a bad thing.

As council debated the switch to bi-weekly garbage pick-up Wednesday, Coun. Diane Holmes offered this solution:

"For people who don't like maggots, the birds love them. Get them out of there and put them on your sidewalk or on your walkway or in the garden and let the birds eat them, they're good protein.

"Why do you think of all these things as unpleasantness when nature and the natural way of doing things is the way we're going?"

City council overwhelmingly approved a plan Wednesday to move forward with bi-weekly garbage pick-up. Green bins with organic waste will be picked up every week.

However, some residents still resist using their green bins, especially in summer months when organic waste can become a breeding ground for maggots.

The changes to curbside garbage pick-up will begin in November 2012. City staff says the changes will save an estimated $9 million per year.