A city committee wants council to move forward with bi-weekly garbage pick-up.

The city's environment committee voted 7-1 in favour of the proposal on Monday.

Under the plan, garbage would be picked up once every two weeks. Green bins with organic waste would be picked up every week.

The issue will now go before full city council on Wednesday.

City staff says they believe public support for bi-weekly garbage is growing. The city held public meetings on the issue last week. Staff also gathered comments online.

Although four public meetings were held, there was low turnout, especially when compared to attendance levels at meetings to discuss cuts to transit.

While city staff says support for bi-weekly garbage is picking up, councillors opposed to the plan say that's not what they've been hearing through emails and telephone calls.

The city estimates bi-weekly garbage pick-up will save $9 million per year. The city hopes to have the change in place by June 2012.