Armoured vehicles were taken off display Sunday and set into motion at The Canadian War Museum. The event called Awesome Tanks, is part of the museum’s new Awesome Sunday series.

Outside the museum were vehicle demonstrations, with vehicles ranging from the Second World War to modern day.

“It’s overwhelming I think and it’s amazing. I’ve never been up close to one so it’s pretty neat to see how they operate,” said Christina Stuart, at the museum with her family.

“It’s a whole variety of different vehicles, some of them are much faster than others and they can really show what they can do,” said Sandra O’Quinn, a learning specialist at the museum.

Some vehicles being taken for a ride include a Cold War Scorpion tank, as well as a M3 Lee that was used as a medium battle tank in 1943.

“Not the best design in the world but it has a 75 millimetre gun that can shoot armour piercing and big explosives and it was probably the most reliable vehicle they had,” said Michael Miller, a vehicle restoration specialist.

On site there are over 100 model tanks on display, along with members of the Ottawa Valley Amour Modellers Association, and crafts for kids.

“We had a lot of family members who fought in the Second World War and if they weren’t front lines they were definitely involved in some capacity either at home or in support of the war. So for us, it’s helping the kids understand what their heritage is and what family members that they didn’t get to meet, did,” said Stuart.