Students at St. Joseph high school in Barrhaven have been told not to wear popular form-fitting yoga pants unless covered by a long shirt.

According to officials with the high school, most yoga pants are too tight and revealing at the front and back of the pant, which is in violation of the school's dress code.

The school's administration issued the following statement in its daily announcements, according to one student on Facebook:

"Please remind your students that appropriate clothing is required. For our ladies, if they are wearing 'Lulu Lemon' pants or 'jeggins' of sorts, a long shirt covering them is required, otherwise they will be sent home and asked to change . . ."

School officials say students will be given the option to go home and change but if they continue to violate the school's dress code, other disciplinary actions could be taken.

Many female students are risking suspension by rebelling and wearing the pants without shirts that cover their waist.

One parent sent CTV Ottawa a letter she wrote to the school. Kathie Cloutier says administration should be more concerned with the quality of the lessons delivered to students rather than her daughter's appearance.

"This is just as ridiculous as the school that recently banned certain types of balls because a parent got hit in the head with one. If you say it out loud – it really does sound silly – ‘my daughter's high school banned yoga pants,'" wrote Cloutier.

"As far as I'm concerned, if the schools keep pushing these ridiculous rules – all you will succeed in doing is pushing our childrens' interest in school right out the door!"

The Ottawa Catholic School Board contacted CTV Ottawa to say this is simply an example of the dress code being enforced.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin