Claridge Homes says work on what will be the tallest building in Ottawa is expected to resume Friday or Monday, several weeks after a construction worker was killed at the site on Preston Street on March 23, 2016.

25-year-old Olivier Bruneau died after being hit by a chunk of ice that fell on him while he was at the bottom of the construction pit.

The company said work hadn’t resumed because it was working with the Ministry of Labour and mobilizing crews.

In March and April, the ministry had issued orders and requirements to Claridge Homes, Bellai Brothers Construction Ltd. and ABF Reinforcing Steel Inc. that had to be complied with before work could resume.

The ministry said Thursday all orders have been complied with and the stop work orders have been lifted.

Bruneau’s father and the Ottawa and District Labour Council have called on Ottawa Police to launch a criminal investigation into Bruneau’s death.