The deep freeze in Ottawa is creating dangerous driving conditions on the roads. Ottawa Police have reported 30 collisions this morning - most related to black ice.

“Because of black ice, [drivers] might slide right into you, just be very careful on days like this,” said Sgt. Mark Gatien.

Police are reminding drivers about the laws surrounding tow trucks following a collision. This comes after an Ottawa Driver received a $2,000 bill from a tow truck operator posing as a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Gatien tweeted, “always double check or insist on a written quote.”

Police say it is illegal for a tow truck operator to approach a driver unless they have been called to the scene. Drivers can call CAA or check online to see if their tow truck operator has arrived.

Jeff Garrett from Sharkey’s towing suggests drivers go through their insurance companies following a collision.

Garrett says most of the calls he received Thursday were for drivers with vehicles that would not turn on.  

“As soon as we get to -20/-30 weather, the cats won’t start, and we’re just go, go, go all day,” he said.  

Garrett expected to respond to at least 20 calls Thursday for drivers requiring a boost.