Until now, details of Pamela Kosmack's final days revealed a troubled woman who struggled with drug addiction, but according to her mother she was much more than that.

"If taking it one day at a time is too much then you take it a minute at a time," said Kosmack's mother, Gail Brown.

Wednesday morning Kosmack's beaten and half-naked body was discovered just two kilometres from her home along a west Ottawa bike path.

Brown says Kosmack's spirit shined in the love she had for her two children.

"She was always so young at heart. She really did love those children and did everything with them," said Brown. 

According to Brown, Kosmack's life was a struggle right from the moment she was born.

From a premature baby undergoing surgery for survival, to battling drug addiction as an adult, Kosmack's family says she proved she was a fighter and for that they respected her.

"She didn't want me to look down on her because of her struggles. I never did because she saved me. It could have been me that was in her shoes," said her sister Cindy Kosmack.

And her family wants the public to know the real Pamela was a talented artist, an amazing cook and loved to make the holidays special.

"She's missing out on so much of life. She will be well missed," Kosmack said tearfully.

All there is to do now is wait for justice to be served. Police are now following up on more than a dozen tips. So far they have no suspects in her brutal murder.

"I hope he comes forward soon because it's not right," said Kosmack. 

"Their mother never got to say goodbye to them. My big sister never got to say goodbye to me or her mom. Somebody's life should never end like this."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem