The union representing Gatineau bus drivers wants to prevent passengers from capturing video inside public buses after a passenger caught a bus driver doing paperwork behind the wheel.

The video, which was posted on YouTube last month, shows the bus driver filling out forms and steering the bus with his knees.

Although the transit union says the video violates the privacy of its driver, Jaime Hill, who captured the video, doesn't buy that argument.

"A public transit is public, not private, so therefore I don't think they should be allowed to ban people from taking pictures or videotaping," Hill told CTV Ottawa on Wednesday.

The president of Ottawa's transit union says an outright ban on videotaping would be worthwhile for bus drivers, but he adds it would be difficult to enforce.

"They (bus drivers) don't need to be stared at or criticized every time they turn a corner or turn around and hope someone's not taking their picture for one reason or another," said Garry Queale.

Transit officials in Gatineau have disciplined the bus driver in question. However, he will not be fired.

So far, the YouTube video has received nearly 132,000 views.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley