Several fires in a south Ottawa highrise has some residents concerned for their safety.

Diane Cianci said she worried for her senior neighbours after waking up to another fire at her apartment on Rochester St. early Sunday morning.

Cianci said in the last few months there had been at least six fires in the building. She believes the same person is responsible.

“At one point it was like every week at the same time, and he stopped I think one time, and then came back this morning at 20 after four,” Cianci said.

Ottawa fire said smoke could be seen coming from the garbage room in the basement when they arrived. Crews had the flames out in under an hour.

No injuries were reported.

Cianci’s son James said the frequency of the fires in the building is unsettling.

“You’re going to bed and you know wondering is it going to happen on her floor? Is she going to be stuck in her room? Is my mom standing outside? Is there a bus there for them?” he said.

Ottawa Community Housing runs the building. CEO Stéphane Giguère said he could not confirm the exact number of fires because the case is currently being investigated by Ottawa Police.

Giguère said extra security measures were being taken.

“Unfortunately here and there you see some incidents, in terms of this specific one, it’s exceptional and we are taking exceptional measures to ensure the safety of our tenants.”

 Ciani said she hopes the added security prevents a fire from happening again.