A local group of concerned grandmothers took hip-hop music back to its roots as protest music Saturday morning.

The One World Grannies re-wrote and performed K'Naan's hit "Wavin' Flag" to raise their concerns about losing a bill that would have made it easier to send cheap, generic HIV/AIDS drugs to Africa.

Bill C-393, sponsored by Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar, was passed 172-111 in the House of Commons in March.

It was then delayed in the Conservative-dominated Senate until the election was called, meaning it did not pass.

The Grannies said they hope to post the rap to YouTube to reach out to youth ahead of the May 2 election.

"It is a pre-election video, but it's also a post election video," said Peggy Edwards from the One World Grannies. "This is a humanitarian issue and it's not going to go away. Canada should do our part."

One World Grannies is one of 200 Canadian Granny groups, according to their website.

They raise money through the Stephen Lewis Foundation for the millions of grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa who have to raise their grandchildren after their mother dies of HIV/AIDS or related illnesses.