The rain this summer isn’t just affecting plans—it has dealt a big blow to the Ottawa Food Bank.

The organization’s Community Harvest program, run on a farm in Stittsville, is in danger of losing up to 25 per cent of this year’s crop yield.

“The rain was tremendously challenging in terms of growing some of our crops here this year. Some of the areas of our fields, there [are] low spots and those tended to get waterlogged and inundated for days on end,” said Jason Gray, the manager for Community Harvest.

The Ottawa Food Bank’s Executive director said while they’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, donations would help to fill the gap.

“If people want to respond by making a donation we can go out and we can purchase vegetables to make up for some of the gaps. We’re feeding over 40,000 people every single month and these vegetables that we provide are a big part of that food and they’re a real nutritious component that goes along with the non-perishable food,” said Michael Maidment.