The head of the Public Service Alliance of Canada says he's anxious to arrange a meeting with the Harper government to address fears over cuts to the public service.

"I have to know and I want an honest answer from these politicians as to what they're going to do and what are they going to do to public services," union president John Gordon told CTV Ottawa on Tuesday.

The Tory budget that was tabled in March called for a review of spending at all government departments and $11 billion in cuts over the next four years. The budget was never passed.

However, now that the Conservatives have a majority government, the Tories have the ability to push that same budget through.

Ottawa West-Nepean winner John Baird tried to diffuse concerns over deep cuts to the public service on Monday.

"It's incredibly important, not just for our local economy, but for our government to have a strong and effective public service," he told CTV Ottawa after being re-elected.

While many public servants fear layoffs, analysts say the greatest threat could come in the form of a spending freeze.

"If there's a government freeze, that would basically put this town (Ottawa) into shock because they're not spending any money and they're spending millions of dollars every day," said Brian Card of the Corporate Research Group.

The Conservatives were elected to a majority government in Monday's election. The NDP will move into the role of the Official Opposition.

As of Tuesday morning, these were the results for elected or leading ridings (numbers in brackets represent Parliament before the election writ dropped):

  • Conservatives: 167 ridings (143)
  • NDP: 102 ridings (36)
  • Liberals: 34 (77)
  • Bloc Quebecois: 4 (47)
  • Green: 1

To secure a majority government, 155 of 308 seats are needed.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley