Protesters staged a sit-in at Conservative MP John Baird's office on Thursday.

About 20 people angry at the federal government for implementing back-to-work legislation in the Canada Post work stoppage held signs and chanted in his constituency office Thursday morning.

Police were on hand to observe the protest as office staff reportedly continued working.

What started as a CUPE protest grew when around 20 members of the postal worker's union later joined. That group had been protesting at MP Gordon O'Connor's office.

The protest ended peacefully around 4:45 p.m.

The protesters were demonstrating against back-to-work legislation that is going through the House of Commons. Debate on the bill is expected to last through Thursday and into the night.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) later issued a press release which said a rally at the Ottawa Public Library would be followed by a march to Parliament Hill for 8 p.m. Thursday to support the NDP attempt to delay this bill as long as possible.

"This legislation is an attack on collective bargaining rights and is a threat to all workers - especially young workers," said Larry Rousseau, PSAC's regional executive vice-president for the National Capital Region.

The government said it's prepared to sit through the weekend to get the legislation through before its summer break.