OTTAWA - Pixels for Pistols: Over 300 guns turned in and climbing!

The Ottawa Police Service has picked up over 300 guns from residents participating in the Pixels for Pistols gun amnesty program. Officers continue to pick up guns every day and getting to the new calls for pick up as fast as they can.

“We’re getting all types of firearms, like shot guns, rifles, handguns,” said Staff Sergeant Mark Patterson, head of the Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit. “People have many different reasons for handing in firearms and they have all been appreciative of the opportunity that Pistols for Pixels provides them.”

Earlier this week, a woman contacted Ottawa Police to turn in a pistol produced sometime between 1897 and 1908, originally belonging to her grandfather. She felt it was safest to turn in the firearm, as her father suffers from mild dementia and is now living in a care facility.

The woman was a friend of the late David Kirkwood, an Ottawa Police constable who tragically died in the line of duty in 1977. Cst. Kirkwood was shot when he attended a residence to make an arrest (YouTube video: In Memory of David Kirkwood). As a result, she expressed that if even one more tragedy like David's could be prevented, then the Pixels for Pistols program is certainly worth the effort.

The program continues until October 20. To turn in a firearm, Ottawa residents can call 613-236-1222 ext. 7300 from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. or email

Do not bring firearms into police stations or at Henry’s.