New technology is generating new jobs and, for many people, the web is becoming a new world in which to do business.

Do a Google search for Erin Blaskie of Ottawa. You will find plenty of hits. This young woman has pursued a lot of online ventures, from Baby Vlog, to Virtual Baby Shower to Twitter, Facebook, a successful business and much more. She is a child of the internet age.

Baskie wants to be an internet celebrity, millionaire businesswoman, advisor and to stream her life online. She calls herself an internet princess who started her first online business at age 21. For a time she taught business lessons. Now she has her own iPhone app.

"I call it the Blaskie Stalking App because that is what it is all about. It lets you do is follow my net presence," she said. "No kidding, all you do is follow my blog, my Twitter, my YouTube."

If you follow her online you would know she recently gave birth to a girl. She had video-blogged about that and then posted from the hospital during delivery and after the birth.

Her post reads, "Here she is. Her name is Willow and she is sleeping. I will leave her but she needs to get used to mommy vlogging."

For those who are not sure, a vlog is like a blog but instead of writing, you do everything on camera. Blaskie's vlog about pregnancy on YouTube made her some money as sponsors came on board when her audience numbers reached a certain level. For her, streaming her life just seems natural.

"Whenever I do something, I have to figure out a way to share it and when I got pregnant there was never any question about whether I was going to blog or post about it online," she said.

She does realize this is not for everyone, though. She admits to frustration that others won't be as public she is. For some, including her husband Steve, it doesn't feel right. We caught up with her on the day of a virtual baby shower—which involved a live video stream watched by over 200 people.

"I think its kinda cool for us in a personal situation but it was pretty strange at first and it is pretty weird to see it all on YouTube," said Steve,

Erin, though, maintains her love of social media and sharing information online.

"I think we learned a lot from people that we met online through the vlog."

With her company, Business Services Etc., Blaskie said she has 22 people working for her. Everything is run out of her home from internet advice, to social networking advice, to virtual coaching. It is the kind of business that never existed before the web and she can't see working in any other environment.

"For me as long as I can stay connected to what is new and use it then I will still be involved," she said.

Blaskie is not alone in living and working online. She serves as a good example of the new "net-worker" generation and we can only expect to see more.