Ottawa is one of the best cities in the world to drive.

A survey by European car parts retailer Mister Auto ranks Ottawa as the third best city in the world to drive.  

Calgary is the best city for drivers in the world, followed by Dubai. Bern, Switzerland ranks fourth, while El Paso, Texas is fifth.

Mister Auto’s study looked at the numerous elements that impact the driving experience, including infrastructure and congestion, and associated driving costs and driver behavior. 

Overall, Ottawa was ranked the third best city to drive around the world. Ottawa was ranked 36th out of 100 cities when it comes to daily congestion on the roads

When it comes to public transport, the capital ranked 72nd out of 100 cities. New York was ranked with the best public transport score in the survey, followed by Singapore and Tokyo. 

Mumbai, India was ranked the worst city for drivers.

You can view the results of the Mister Auto study on its website