Ottawa police are defending how they handled a terrible hit and run in the city's west-end.

“An internal investigation has already been done by the superintendent and she says everything  per policy was followed and there is nothing here that could have been done better,” said Det. Const. Alain Boucher, Ottawa Police.

The case involved Jennifer Leonard, 44, who remains in hospital with friends and family by her side. \

She was hit by a truck while riding her bike on McGee Side Road in Carp around 4 p.m. on Oct. 9, 2012. The driver took off.

“An incredible mom, an incredible wife, an incredible nurse,” said Tom Band, Leonard’s brother-in-law.

Leonard suffered a severe head injury and is now recovering from brain surgery.

Volunteer Firefighter, Trevor Clarke, 34, was arrested. He is charged with impaired driving causing bodily hard and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

It was only after the victim's family and friends contacted the media that Ottawa Police send out a release—five days after the incident.

Sources say his fire chief contacted police after Clarke showed up to the fire hall. They noticed a mirror was missing from his truck. A mirror similar to the one found at the hit and run scene.

Leonard’s friends question if that was to protect the firefighters identity.

"That has no bearing what so ever on our investigation and why if any media release would have been done,” said Boucher.  

Bouchers said because an arrest was made and a vehicle was seized there was no reason to notify the public. He maintains police handled this case by the book.

Leonard’s family said they do have questions about how the case was handled but their main focus is on Jennifer’s recovery.

“The family’s fortunate that they’ve had good information from the arresting officer that’s been involved. So we’re really just counting on and trust that the people in the authoritative position will do the right thing with the information they have,” said Band.

With reports from CTV Ottawa’s Catherine Lathem.