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Ottawa Mission raises donation request to cover a meal to $4.68

The Ottawa Mission The Ottawa Mission

The Ottawa Mission is increasing its request to donors to cover the cost of an individual meal by $1.21, as it deals with high inflation and surging demand this fall.

The average price for a meal at the shelter at Waller Street has been $3.47 since 2017.

On Wednesday, the Ottawa Mission said it was forced to increase its request for donations to cover an individual meal to $4.68 in the wake of ongoing high inflation and "shocking increases in hunger" in the capital.

Ottawa Mission executive director Peter Tilley says the organization has no choice but to ask "our generous and steadfast donors to help us by contributing just a little bit more."

"Over the past several years, we’ve worked hard to maintain our ask for donations at $3.47 per meal despite the increasing cost of food and community need. This effort is supported by our wonderful volunteers, hundreds of whom help us deliver services that are desperately needed," Tilley said.

"The good news is that even with this increase, our meal costs remains low and far below the average cost of a meal."

The last time the Ottawa Mission raised its meal donation ask was in 2017, when it was raised from $2.97 to $3.47.  The Ottawa Mission serves more than one million meals a year, up from 484,494 meals in 2017.

"Over 60% of our annual budget is supported by our donors, who are caring and compassionate people. Without them, we couldn’t possibly provide our 17 programs to help so many people rebuild their lives," Tilley said. Top Stories

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