A new piece of fitness equipment that lets you to bounce your way to better health was on display at an Ottawa fitness expo Saturday.

Kangoo Jumps, which look like rollerblades with springs on the bottom instead of wheels, started in Europe about five years ago.

Its advocates said it's a great way to combat the obesity that's affecting about six million Canadians.

"They absorb impact to joints and spine to up to 80 per cent, burning 25 per cent more calories," said fitness expert Mario Godiva Green. "It gives you a super rush of endorphins, so when you're exercising can't help but have big smile on your face."

Staff from an Ottawa mental health facility said they were looking at the boots for their health and nutrition program.

"You have to get used to walking first, but it's a work out and a half," said Jeanne D'Arc Lavigne.

"It feels bizarre when you have them on," said Linda Aubry. "When you're doing the exercise you can feel it in your legs and your stomach."

The demonstration was part of National Capital Fitday, a chance for people to learn about the latest products and services to stay healthy in a province where nearly three-quarters of adults are overweight.

"The benefits of staying active are longer health, decreasing osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, as well as just overall if you feel good about yourself you look good," said Tessa van Leeuwen of the Ontario Society for Health and Fitness.

Kangoo boots do cost $200, so experts also suggested some other ways to be more active - walking to the store instead of driving or taking stairs instead of elevators.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Vanessa Lee