Not only has the amount of snow been a pain this winter, some wallets are about to get hit a little harder.

The capital got 15 cm of snow overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning. That brings the total to 245 cm so far this winter, just five cm away from snowplowing companies charging more.

"I'd prefer not to," says Dennis Jacobs, who has had a company remove the snow from his driveway for seven years.

"But I think as far as someone of my age having to shovel a sidewalk, I'd pay an extra $10 for a trip for someone to come and do it for me."

In many snow removal contracts, companies outline charges once the total snowfall for a winter exceeds 250 cm. Some don't charge a fee, but most either bill customers a set amount for every time they have to clear the snow after the max is reached. Others charge for each additional centimetre over 250.

Michèle Simpson didn't realize that was in her contract until contacted by CTV. Because of back issues, she signed up for snow removal for the first time this year. She's happy with the service, but just realized she'll be charged for each centimetre of snow over 250.

"I don't want to pay any more," she says. "I see the value in paying if I have to, but I think if I could get out of it or if I haven't said yes to that sort of thing, I'll get my friends or my son to come help me out."

Many contracts, including Simpson's, have an opt out policy, but customers are usually defaulted to being included until they say no.