Mexican authorities say they have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of an Ottawa woman and her Toronto partner.  72 year old Nina Discombe and 84 year old Edward Kular were found stabbed to death in their home near Guadalajara Sunday.  The Attorney General’s office for the Mexican State of Jalisco says they have arrested a man named Julio Cesar Castillo Casillas. Police allege Castillo’s brother was a construction worker on the house next door to where Discombe and Kular lived and that the two planned to rob the couple.  But Nina Discombe woke up and recognized one of the robbers. Police are still looking for the second man.

Discombe was a writer who had a cottage in Gatineau and spent her winters in Mexico.  Her niece told CTV Ottawa that Discombe and Kular had been together for many years.  Discombe had recently purchased a home in La Floresta, Ajijic, Mexico and Kular had joined her there.  The area is home to many other Canadians.  A reporter with the Guadalajara Reporter, Dale Hoyt Palfrey, told CTV Ottawa that the area had experienced many break-ins in recent months but this was the first violent robbery. 

A group of ex-pats met with Jalisco’s Attorney General to express their concerns about the murders and about their safety.