OTTAWA -- A second luxury Lexus SUV has been stolen from an Ottawa woman’s driveway in just over 18 months.

Marnie Bennett woke up Friday morning in her Old Ottawa South neighbourhood, to find her $65,000 Lexus SUV, a vehicle replaced by her insurance company after the first theft, stolen from her driveway. “My husband and I wake up this morning and he looks out my window and says ‘where is your car?’  And I’m like what do you mean where’s my car?  And I look out the window.  Gone again,” said Bennett.

There has been a rash of high-end vehicle thefts with some victims being hit twice.

In December police announced they had busted a major car theft ring, recovered 97 vehicles and charged 20 people with a variety of offences.

Police accused the thieves of reprogramming fob keys to steal hundreds of vehicles.

It’s not clear whether another ring had victimized Bennett again.  All she knows is another very expensive car has been stolen, and she’s bracing for her insurance rates to go up again.

“It’s like your heart drops, because it’s like not again,” said Bennett.

Several neighbours on her street have also had cars stolen.

“This is becoming ridiculous, it’s so stressful.”

Ottawa Police meanwhile say it's not just the make and model that makes it a target, but it's location.

"It's proximity to frequently travelled roads, the 401 and the 417," said Inspector Tim Hodgins.

"These vehicles are never coming back, there's an opportunity to do it, and it's exploited"

Hodgins says often the vehicles do head to the Port of Montreal, and then can be shipped overseas where there is a high demand for the cars.

Meanwhile Bennett says she likely won't be going with a Lexus for her replacement.

"It's obviously a targeted car," said Bennett.

"I don't want to have that anymore."

Provincial Police say it's unclear if this latest theft is related to an organized car theft ring.

Lexus Canada meanwhile say it works with police authorities across Canada 'to assist with investigations related to vehicle theft.'

The luxury automaker also says Toyota and Lexus models are equipped with a key FOB feature that turns the key FOB off when not in use.