A frostbite warning has been issued for the City of Ottawa.

Ottawa Public Health issued the advisory this morning, expecting temperatures today and tomorrow below minus 25 with the windchill factored in.

We will wake up to a windchill temperature Friday morning that will feel like minus 26 degrees.   

The frigid temperatures will last until Friday afternoon when the winds die down and temperature begins to rise.  The weekend will be somewhat warmer.

Ottawa Public Health offers advice on how to prevent frostbite in extreme cold. Here are some tips from the city’s website:  

  • Wear a hat - up to 40 per cent of body heat loss can occur through the head
  • Wear gloves or mittens
  • Wear a scarf to protect the chin, lips and cheeks - all are extremely susceptible to cold weather injuries.
  • Drink warm fluids, but no alcohol. Alcohol promotes other cold weather injuries.
  • If you start to sweat, cool off a little. Wet clothes will also encourage other cold weather injuries.
  • Wear clothes in layers
    • Inner Layer (closest to the skin) - should have "wicking" properties to move any moisture away from the skin
    • Middle Layer - should be the insulating layer to prevent loss of your body heat while keeping the cold outside air away
    • Outer Layer - should be the "windbreaking" layer to reduce the chances of cold air reaching the insulating layer

Always be on the lookout for signs of frostbite and hypothermia. In case of serious cold weather injury, City of Ottawa Paramedics urge you to seek immediate medical attention.