It wasn’t a lot, but the first snow of the season caught many residents off guard.

The unexpected dusting meant many people were scrambling to get their snow tires put on.

"Woke up this morning and thought this is my lucky day," said Donna Morris.

“I booked in September to bring it in in November which was good because it snowed this morning."

Phones were ringing non-stop at Frisby Tire in Nepean.

“We get more snow now after Christmas than we do before so people procrastinate and they wait until they see the stuff and then they want them put on," said Sandro Giaccone.

More snow now is good news for outdoor enthusiasts in our region.

“Skiing starts Friday. It'll be a good time," said one skier.

“Although the local areas do a great job of making snow, [an] average winter would deliver some snow that all the skiers and snowboarders are really looking upon with great anticipation,” said Kevin Pidgeon of Tommy and Lefebvre.

City of Ottawa plows and crews were out clearing roads and sidewalks early Monday morning. The fresh layer of snow, however, led to several minor traffic collisions on area roads.

Ottawa police said they responded to about 7 crashes during the morning rush.

A 5-vehicle crash closed Highway 17 east of Rolphton for several hours.  Only minor injuries were reported and the highway has since re-opened.

There were no school bus cancellations in the region.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Norman Fetterley