Police have charged 42-year-old Clinton Russell with sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

The security guard at the Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus is accused of sexually assaulting a patient living with a developmental disability on Dec. 23.

The victim called her mother right after it happened.

"She was really upset…took me a while to calm her down," she told CTV.

The victim's mother spoke with CTV Ottawa exclusively a few days ago. Both women will remain nameless in order to protect their identities.

In a conversation with her 28-year-old daughter, there was revelation there may be other victims.

"He gave her money and said this is what I pay all the women that do this job for me," said the victim's mother.

Police are now looking for more victims. CTV has learned Russell has been a security guard with the hospital for more than a decade.

"We are hoping if there are any others that they come forward, it's a concern when somebody works in a place you would think as a place of safety that something like this would happen there," said Cst. Marc Soucy with the Ottawa Police Service.

An official with the Ottawa Hospital said the incident should not cause people to fear visiting a place where they should feel safe.

"I think our community should feel safe to come to this hospital because I think that this is a very, very rare occurrence," said Dr. Jim Worthington.

Worthington said the hospital is taking this matter very seriously and will hold its own investigation if any other victims come forward.

The mother in this incident said her daughter is having a hard time trusting people wearing similar uniforms.

"She always believed they were there to keep her safe, now she doesn't believe it anymore."

Russell appeared in court Wednesday.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman