Arnprior will have to wait until Tuesday night to declare its mayor after the electronic voting system used in many places across eastern Ontario crashed Monday night.

The online and telephone voting system was used by 33 municipalities, causing several problems across the region.

Arnprior resident Debbie Laventure was one of hundreds of voters locked out of the "Intelivote" electronic voting system.

"I tried on the telephone to phone in, couldn't get through. I tried the computer; that wasn't working, so went to the library and that didn't work," Laventure told CTV Ottawa on Tuesday.

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Shortly before polls were scheduled to close, Arnprior's returning officer made the unprecedented move to keep polls open for another 24 hours.

All we knew was voters weren't able to exercise their right to vote, returning officer Jacquie Farrow-Lawrence told CTV Ottawa. Election results in Arnprior are expected tonight.

However, Arnprior wasn't the only municipality that had problems with Intelivote's electronic voting system.

In North Grenville, it crashed in the last hour of voting. In McNab/Braeside, voting was extended for another hour to account for the delay.

The company that runs the system says a hardware problem coupled with a huge spike in voter turnout was the cause of frustration on election day.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr