OTTAWA -- Officials at Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ont. have intercepted several packages containing contraband that drones dropped inside prison walls.

The items seized earlier this month include 415 grams of tobacco, 413 grams of marijuana, a cellphone with charging cords, and four “stabbing weapons,” the Correctional Service of Canada said in a news release.

The total value of the seizure is estimated to be more than $44,000.

Police have been notified and officials are investigating, the release said.

It’s not the first series of drone drops at the medium-security prison. In October, staff intercepted three drone drops with a total value of $256,000, and another in November worth $33,000.

Ontario Provincial Police released a video last year asking people who live and work near correctional institutions to keep an eye out for drone operators in the area.

The CSC uses several tools to prevent drugs from entering its institutions, the news release said, including ion scanners and drug detector dogs.