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CATSA trialling new technology for airport security as UK Government scraps 100ml liquid rule


Many travellers have had shampoo or sunscreen bottles confiscated at airport security, because the liquids exceeded the allowable limit for carry-on luggage on flights.

Now, airports in the UK will be making changes to allow greater amounts of liquids in carry-on bags, while travellers will not need to remove electronics from bags at security.

The Canadian Airport Transport Security Authority says it is "trialling new technology" that may allow passengers to keep liquids and large electronics in carry-on bags, but there are currently no changes to security rules. The UK Government has set a June 2024 deadline for major airports in the UK to install new security technology.

In the future, passengers will be able to leave liquids and large "electrical items" in cabin luggage as they go through security, reducing hassle for passengers.

Passengers in the UK are currently required to remove tablets, laptops and liquids from their cabin baggage, while liquids have been limited to 100ml and must be in a clear plastic bag. That requirement will eventually be lifted, and the 100ml container limit will be extended to 2 litres.

The changes will be gradual over the next two years, and the current security rules will continue to apply.


While restrictions may be easing in the UK in the future, there are no changes currently as to what you can bring through security at Canadian airports.

In Canada, passengers are also limited to how much liquid they can bring through security as part of their carry-on or personal items.

“Before entering the checkpoint, ensure that containers of liquids, aerosols and gels are 100 ml or less.  Anything over 100 ml should go in your checked luggage," a spokesperson for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) told CTV News Ottawa in an email.

“We have been trialling new technology that may allow passengers to keep liquids and large electronics in their carry-on bags.  Purchasing this equipment in Canada requires a competitive process that we plan to undertake shortly.  Given the number of airports in Canada, any adoption of this technology will need to be phased-in over time," CATSA said.

"In the coming years, CATSA will undertake the replacement of the current PBS X-rays with CT X-rays that will improve security effectiveness and detection capabilities, while also reducing the need for passengers to divest items such as large electronics, there by advancing CATSA’s objective to enhance the customer experience. 

"To prepare for this major initiative, CATSA will be conducting a trial of a PBS CT X-ray on a CATSA Plus line in spring 2022 and plans to incorporate findings from the trial into the procurement process.”


The Ottawa Airport will see some of the busiest travel days of the season right before Christmas. CATSA encourages all passengers to arrive early — at least two hours for domestic flights and three hours for U.S. and international flight.

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