Carleton University's men's basketball team returned from Halifax Monday after beating the Alberta Golden Bears 86 to 67.

The Carleton Ravens were met at the airport by a small crowd. Some say the fanfare should be bigger for the team especially since the win makes this the eighth title in 10 years.

Ravens fan Ken Stunell says building up enthusiasm for sports teams starts at a younger age.

"I think it starts in high school…should be a lot more excitement with the high school end of it," says Stunnell.

While the long-standing argument for more hype around sports looks to how they do it south of the border, Ravens coach Dave Smart says he doesn't mind keeping it low key.

Smart is, however, looking for more recognition for his players. He says the team doesn't need parties or groupies, but more acknowledgements of skill and talent is encouraged.

"Kids like Phil Scrubb and Tyson Hinz are better than probably 50 to 60 per cent of the kids playing in the NCAA tournament, maybe closer to 80 per cent and yet they don't get that credit," says Smart.

"I was there for the first one in 2003 in Halifax and I was there last year for a big win and I just think they're amazing," says fan Judy Stunnell.

Point Guard Phil Scrubb says his team has been working toward hoisting the coveted W.P. McGee trophy over their heads all year.

"It feels great. I think we worked towards this all season …to go undefeated all year is unbelievable," says Scrubb who was given the national MVP title. "I think the team is proud of what we accomplished."

The Ravens will have the chance to defend their title in Ottawa next year when the city hosts the CIS basketball championships in 2013.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Vanessa Lee