It's a dose of kindness with your next double-double.

A growing trend of generosity is hitting Tim Hortons drive-thrus across the country. It's become so popular it's been given the term "pouring it forward."

"I went to the check out and the woman told me my coffee was paid for from the vehicle ahead of me," says David Dorion.

CTV News decided to visit the Tim Hortons location near Bank and Leitrim to see if this act of kindness really exists.

"It seems to happen every day. We'll get people who will pay for the person behind them and then it usually continues. It'll continue for about two or three cars," says Tim Hortons employee Melissa Larocque.

The record for the most coffees poured forward took place in Winnipeg, this past December, when the streak hit 228 orders.

"That went on for three hours. It was absolutely amazing," says Tim Hortons representative Nadia MacDonald.

Customers love the idea which is completely dependent on the generosity of patrons.

"I think it's the definition of Canadian right there. And you know what? I'm going to pay it forward later on today," says customer Jordan Putinski, who just received a free coffee of his own.

With a report from CTV's John Hua.