Russ Salo wants to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Not Happy Holidays. Not Best of the Season.

“It’s Christmas time. Merry Christmas,” he insists.

The Ottawa man is trying to stem the tide of removing Christmas from the season. He’s started a website and a petition at He says he got the idea when his children’s school removed any mention of Christmas from its annual Christmas concert. “It was a winter celebratory music festival,” he observes.

Salo is posting interviews with non-Christian community leaders to show that the fear of offending them with Christmas is unfounded, people like Ottawa Rabbi and radio personality Reuven Bulka. “Listen, I’m a big Hannukah guy, right? Because that’s what the Jewish people do. But I’m thrilled when people wish other people Merry Christmas,” says Bulka.

Salo is also contacting businesses and school boards to discuss their Christmas policies. “When the education system or the business people of the world try to be all things to all people then we’re not anything.