Residents of a south Ottawa apartment complex remain concerned with snow and ice buildup this week.

Laura Garrett said she made of the 150 complaints to Urbandale property management since more than 50 centimetres of snow came down in the last five days.

"People are falling, cars are being stuck all the time!" said Garrett, who walks with a cane and has mobility issues. 

Garrett and the other residents, many of whom are seniors, said they have voiced their concerns and not much has been done to make the building more accessible.

"It hadn't been cleared in day! That's how bad it was. Today, it's slippery. It's clear but it's very slippery." said Stan Beerenfenger.

Garrett said she is concerned for the safety of residents walking on ice directly outside the building.

"Seniors are having difficulties just walking to their cars. It's very, very dangerous out here." said Garrett, who has lived in the apartment complex for the past year.

Thursday night, residents recorded video of the building's snow removal contractor blowing 3-metre high snowbanks onto a neighbouring field behind Canterbury High School. The property manager said clearing the snow has been an unprecedented challenge; trying to remove a month's worth of snowfall in less than a week.

Some residents are more understanding; thankful the snow and ice-blanketed parking lot has all mostly been cleared.

"For sure more work can be done, but it's out of our way." said Noor Ebrahim.

"There's a person in the building who has a scooter complaining about it the other day...getting stuck out front" said resident Michael Stead.

Property management said they will continue to monitor the parking lot for any concerns with snowbanks and ice.

"We have old bones, we break, don't heal so well." said Garrett.